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The Future IS Solar. Reduce your Carbon Footprint by Going Solar!


MicroFIT Dual-Axis Trackers

Capturing the sun. Up to 45% more generation with Deger Dual-Axis Trackers. Our Thorold installation is doing just that!


MicroFIT Rooftop Installations

MicroFIT Rooftop Installations  Earn Money For 20 Years Guaranteed!  


Net Metering Rooftop Systems

Net Metering Rooftop Installations Reduce your Electric Bill!


Solar Lighting Products

nu Solar Lighting Products and Off-Grid Sytems Now available at our nu Solar Shop! Many uses around the home, farm or business. Great for your RV or cottage and also great for camping, hunting and fishing. Handy for Emergency Lighting during power outages. nu Solar Shop will be updated regularly as we add nu Products, so please check back often to visit.



How it works: 

Your utility will subtract the value of electricity you supply to the grid from the amount you take from the grid. Your bill will show the "net" difference between the two amounts. If more energy is produced than used in one billing cycle then a credit will be applied to your next bill for up to 12 months. Your bill will include only your distributor's fixed monthly customer charge.

Key Benefits:

• Reduces your costs not only on the actual energy you consume but also on the delivery, regulatory, debt retirement charges and HST

• The program trades kWh’s used against kWh’s generated

• Panels can be mounted on a roof, on the ground, or on pole mount

• If you are a business you can go big with up to 500kW on one net metering account

• Different renewable energy sources can be used for net metering including solar, wind, water and agricultural biomass

• Net Metering can also be used as a backup system with the addition of batteries.

• Eliminates the use of a noisy fossil fuel burning generator

• Choose when to use the grid and take advantage of off peak pricing


Net Metering is a program that you can take full advatage of immediately.

We can complete the application for you. Apply Here.


Additional Features Battery Backup

Provides electricity to your home in the event of a power failure

Eliminates the use of a noisy fossil fuel burning generator

Choose when to use the grid

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